1. The initial application for the TEFL.TP© study programme is through our Online Application Process.
  2. The Distance Learning Course is the first part of the study programme. The DLC is a set of written and video tasks which are used to determine an applicant’s suitability for the programme, and for applicants to gain an introduction to ACLE’s teaching methodology. Applicants must complete this component before being accepted to the next phase, orientation.
  3. A one-week Orientation is the next step of the ACLE experience. Orientations are held at several sites in Italy. Trainee tutors spend the week training on our learning approach and material, guided by our experienced didactic team. The week is designed to prepare tutors for all aspects of their field experience and give them the opportunity to interact with fellow tutors from all over the world.

Summer 2020 orientation dates are as follows;

TEFL.TP© Orientation dates:
Orientation 1: May 31st – June 6th
Orientation 2: June 7th – June 13th
Orientation 3: June 14th – June 20nd

Please note that orientations start on Sunday with an administrative meeting at 6.30pm

Following the orientation, tutors are required to complete a minimum of three weeks of campfor a minimum of 120 hours of practical experience. ACLE runs 250 camps throughout Italy, and tutors have the opportunity to travel the country as they are transferred from camp to camp. Each camp lasts for one or two weeks.

ACLE’s summer season runs from early June to early September. After the obligatory three weeks of camp, tutors are welcome to stay for as many weeks as they wish (where not restricted by under-performance in the field or by visa requirements for non-EU citizens). It is important to note that the number of camps available during the summer can fluctuate week by week. Moreover, being a great ACLE tutor is very tiring. Tutors who plan to stay for the entire summer need to be aware that they will have some weeks off to keep them fresh and to allow us to respond to changes in camp numbers. Periods in which tutors do not have a camp placement are a good opportunity to do some independent traveling. ACLE usually has some basic accommodation available as well.

ACLE also runs a shorter study programme, the Mini TEFL.TP© Study Programme.