About Camps

ACLE is an educational company that provides young Italian students with fun, enriching, hands-on opportunities to learn the English language at our summer-time camps.

ACLE camps focus on providing a positive fun environment in which children can learn and play. As an ACLE trainee tutor (camp counsellor) you will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the camps, working with your fellow trainee tutors as a team. A typical camp day starts with a morning warm-up circle where you and your fellow trainee tutors will get the children energised and ready for learning. You will then have your own class to teach. Using the skills that you have gained throughout your orientation, you will guide your class through their engaging English learning experience.

ACLE camp students will be a range of ages and different abilities. Your orientation will prepare you to be able to teach all levels, however once in camp you and your fellow trainee tutors will decide who is to teach which level. This means that you can experience a range of teaching and/or specialise in a specific level and age.

ACLE at a glance:

  • Once you have completed your orientation you will immediately travel to one of our ACLE camps. You are required to commit to a minimum of three weeks in camp, however you are free to apply to complete the entire summer (June- September). Please check the orientation page to select the best dates for you.
  • Camps usually run Monday to Friday 9-5 (with the exception of our residential summer camps).
  • Each camp lasts either 1 or 2 weeks. At the end of each camp you will move to a new location. Our camps are situated all over Italy, so you should get to see many parts of the country.
  • For the majority of camps you will stay with host families. These families open their hearts and homes to ACLE trainee tutors, and are often the highlight of many tutors’ experience. For camps that do not provide host families, ACLE will provide alternative accommodation.
  • ACLE arranges all of your accommodation, food and transport whilst you are at camps. You are responsible for any other personal costs, your €200 orientation fee and your transport to orientation, and from your last camp back home.
  • ACLE Fondazione also provides you with a paid Study Grant, to support you financially during camps. You can view the Study Grant here.

city-camps-logo1city-camps-logoCity Camps are usually held at a local schools and the children come five days per week, generally from 9 to 5. Trainee tutors are hosted in either a flat, or by a family who will welcome you into their home, and hearts. Each camp finishes with a final show, and a chance for the students to demonstrate their progress throughout the camp.

summer-camps-logo1Summer Camps are residential and usually held in a hotel where the children come and stay for a week at a time. Trainee tutors also stay at the hotel and tutor all week with the children, providing activities such as lessons, drama, games, sports and evening activities.


High School Campus is a programme for high school students. As with all camps, the aim of HSC is to provide students with a rich cultural and linguistic experience adapted to their ages, abilities, and interests. High School Campus, however, allows the students to really develop their language skill in a highly engaging way, and students take a very active role in their learning. High School students will be much more conversational, and their learning throughout the camp will extend beyond simply learning English.

Applications are closed and will open on November  2018!