According to the charter of Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational (ACLE), which promotes the teaching and learning of the English language through the REAL method, as specified in Article 2 of the said charter;

According to the regulations of ACLE’s charter;

According to the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) instituted by the European Parliament and Council on 15 November 2006 and which defines the initiatives for cooperation among European states in the field of teaching and teacher-training;

The following is announced:


Art. 1: Definition of ACLE’s Grant

According to a selection process, ACLE will award up to 400 grants for mother-tongue English students and teachers to participate in a theoretical and practical Introduction to TEFL-TP course in Italy (hereafer Trainee Tutors). The theoretical portion of the online course (see website), called The Distance Learning Course, determines the possibility of applicants to attend the practical portion of the course in Italy. The practical portion of the course consists of a minimum of four weeks. The first week of this portion, called Orientation, takes place under the supervision of ACLE’s teacher-trainers, who evaluate and place the Trainee Tutors for their three subsequent weeks of field experience at ACLE’s City Camps, Summer Camps, English Camps, and High School Campuses. Trainee Tutors will be closely supervised at each ACLE camp by an Italian teacher, the Camp Director. This supervisory figure is responsible for evaluating the Trainee Tutors’ performance at each camp. ACLE Camps can take place in any Italian scholastic institution, whether private or state, as well as in other locations deemed appropriate by ACLE.

ACLE ensures that Trainee Tutors will receive the Introduction to TEFL-TP certificate following successful completion of the course. The certificate is accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC). Some universities recognize the course for university credit. It is the responsibility of Trainee Tutors to verify whether their universities will recognize the course for credit. Trainee tutors have the possibility of extending their field experience for one or two additional weeks, at ACLE’s discretion.

Art. 2 – Requirements for Participating in the Grant Application Process

In order to be selected for the grant, it is necessary that Trainee Tutors candidates must be:

  • enrolled as a university student, be on a gap year, or possess a university degree
  • at least 19 years old
  • a mother-tongue English speaker or with mother-tongue proficiency

According to the Attachment II of the Regulation (CE) 539/2000, non-European citizens from countries listed as ‘Community 1’ can apply for the course if they are in possession of a valid entry visa for Italy as set out in Circular #5500 of 23 August 2010, which governs entry into Italy for purposes of study under 90 days. Art. 3 –Requirements For Initial Trainee Tutor Application

The application form must be submitted via ACLE’s online system by 15 March 2014.

The application must include the following:

  • declaration of a clean criminal record
  • proof of a valid passport
  • proof of health coverage before applicant’s arrival in Italy or upon confirmation of flight information
  • a statement of purpose explaining why the applicant would like to undertake ACLE’s course
  • provide a curriculum vitae that shows educational, volunteer and work experience

Art. 4 – Selection Process

Evaluation of candidates is based on the information submitted through the initial Trainee Tutor Application. Successful candidates are invited to complete the next phase of the application process, the Distance Learning Course. Candidates who are chosen to become Trainee Tutors are then invited to attend one of ACLE’s Tutor Orientations. Note: Candidates who have previous experience in the educational field, and above all candidates who are majoring in education at university, will be given precedence during the selection process according to the evaluation criteria described below.

Art. 5 – Evaluation Criteria and Applicant Rankings

Candidates are evaluated and ranked to determine which candidates receive the scholarship/grant. Candidate applications are evaluated according to a point system based on the following criteria:

  • 1-5 points for the applicant’s curriculum vitae
  • 1-5 points based on the applicant’s education
  • 1-10 points for the result of the Distance Learning Course

Art. 6 –Awarding of the Grant and Role and Obligations of the Trainee Tutor

ACLE provides a grant on the condition that the Trainee Tutor completes, at minimum, the four weeks of the practical portion of the Introduction to TEFL.TP course, one week at orientation under the direction of ACLE’s teacher-trainers and three weeks in the field, under the direction of an Italian teacher or another person in charge trained by ACLE. The amount of the grant is 520.00 euro. The grant funds will be dispensed at the end of the course via PayPal, after the evaluation of the performance of the Trainee Tutor by ACLE’s staff and ACLE Camp Director(s). During the one-week orientation, ACLE provides board and lodging in a hotel near Sanremo, Italy, with appropriate work spaces. The course also includes provision of didactic material and the Tutor Trainee uniform. For this reason, Trainee Tutors are required to contribute 150.00 euro upon arrival to help cover expenses. After the orientation, ACLE provides accommodation, transport and board associated with the course. Accommodation will be provided by Italian families or in hotels or flats. Any personal expenses must be covered by the Trainee Tutor. Since the grant funds are dispensed at the completion of the Introduction to TEFL.TP course, it is advisable that Trainee Tutors bring funds to cover personal expenses. ACLE confirms the date of the orientation which the Trainee Tutor attends. Successive weeks of the course after the orientation might not be consecutive, both by choice of the Trainee Tutor as well as for the availability of tutoring positions in any given week. Trainee tutors should take this into consideration when purchasing return flights. Any on-hold weeks must be agreed with ACLE. The grant does not provide for social security payments or any form of pension. Trainee Tutors must become members of ACLE in order to be covered by third-party liability insurance and insurance against accidents during the course. If ACLE deems a Trainee Tutor to have particular merit, the course can be extended for another 1-2 weeks of training in which Trainee Tutor will take part in further practical educational field experiences. The extension of the course allows selected Trainee Tutors to receive the following additional grant funds:

  • 200.00 euros extra for the first additional week
  • 240.00 euros extra for the second additional week