What are ACLE Camps?

Each summer ACLE sends close to 750 native English-speaking tutors to around 400 camps in Italy. Camps are either city-based (City Camps) or residential (Summer Camps). Both types of camp are overseen by an English-speaking Italian camp director. Directors are usually English teachers and, in the case of City Camps, usually work at the host school.

ACLE Camps aim to:

  • Provide a full-immersion experience in English for Italian children who are unable to spend the summer in an English-speaking country.
  • Create enthusiasm and motivation for new multicultural experiences.
  • Demonstrate that the traditional Italian teacher-centred scholastic system of “chalk and talk” fails to stimulate the emotions and energy that an entertaining atmosphere can provide.

City Camps are usually held at a local schools and the children come five days per week, generally from 9 to 5. Trainee tutors are hosted in either a flat or by a family who opens their home and hearts to them.

Summer Camps are residential and usually held in a hotel where the children come and stay for a week at a time. Trainee tutors also stay at the hotel and tutor all week with the children, providing activities such as lessons, drama, games, sports and evening activities.

High School Campus is a programme for high school students. As with our other camps, the aim of High School Campus is to provide students with a rich cultural and linguistic experience adapted to their ages, abilities, and interests.

If you’re enthusiastic, positive and dependable, this could be the experience for you!
Watch our promotional City/Summer Camp and High School Campus videos. These videos will give you an idea of a day in the life at camp as well as an outline of your role as a trainee tutor.

ACLE Discussion Groups for Summer 2014

Information sessions on ACLE held by ACLE Trainee Tutors. Please keep a look out for one in your home town. For further information please contact Vincent at vincent@acle.it

Trainee Tutor Rebecca Carter. DATE:  Thursday 27th February; LOCATION:  James Cook Uni Education building, Townsville, Queensland. TIME: Either at 3 or 4 pm Contact becky_lou_blc3@hotmail.com

Trainee Tutor Ellie Richards. DATE:  Friday 28th February; LOCATION: Norwich University of the Arts. TIME 12.30pm Contact ellie_richards_@live.co.uk

Trainee Tutor: Charlotte Evans. LOCATION: NYU Shanghai, 3663 Zhongshan Bei Lu, Geography Building, Room 149.  Date: Wednesday, March 5, 4-5pm Shanghai time. CONTACT: che210@nyu.edu